Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sky Cafes - Borneo Sky Cafe

I’ve read about this place before, or heard of it at least, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to actually check it out. Truth be told, cafes with live music is my thing. By that I mean I enjoy the experience, despite not being a cafe regular. Unfortunately, it has become so yesterday that I don’t even remember when’s the last time I went to one. But yesterday, after glancing at the hotel ads section on the newspaper, I suddenly had the urge to go. Not for the live music, nor the “see and be seen” drama. I was there for the sunset and photography thirst.

It was around 17:45 on a Wednesday afternoon when I arrived at the premises. Only a few tables were occupied, which was super fine for me and my camera. The waiters were busy tending the other customers that I had no choice but to approach the staffs at the bar area just to make them notice. No biggie, I wasn’t in a rush. All I need was an excuse to sit there, enjoy the ambience, and hopefully take some quality snaps. And a few minutes later, a cappucino blend was my imperfect excuse. It tasted ok, not bad, but to label it good would be stretching. Needless to say, I’ve had better ones. It didn’t really matter anyway, except for the fact that I had to pay for it.

To sum it up: The view from this top is far from exceptional. Nothing quite caught my eyes about the surrounding area. The sunset from here, at least on that day, was just ok, but it got better when it’s darker. A bit of a plus about this place is the interior design. It would be a fine choice to hang out. Just not too frequently for most people, considering the quite pricey menu.

Writer’s Verdict:
Place : 7
View  : 6
Drink : 5

Borneo Sky Cafe
Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 428 Pontianak
Phone: 62-561–768111 / 62-561–766787 / 62-561-7908558
West Kalimantan

- SW -        

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